Created by experts in golf, fitness, psychology, and nutrition to help you play your best golf.
A transformational approach designed for every golfer.


The Level Up Philosophy

Set the new standard in digital coaching for the golf industry.

How? Provide you with a team of professionals in multiple areas of golf improvement.

Swing Coaches, Fitness Coaches, Mental Coaches, and Nutritional Coaches - all working together to help you play your best golf.

Show you how to use your entire body and mind to improve your golf game.

When you apply what we teach, there’s no limitation to what’s possible for your golf game.

What You Can Expect

Easy to navigate website along with easy to follow exercises by friendly and highly experienced professionals

who will help you improve your golf game and get you feeling physically better while having more fun.


Improve your golf ability in all aspects of the game from tee to green. Whether you are a beginner golfer, scratch golfer, or somewhere in between, your game will improve with these easy to follow drills and methods.


Train your mind to help you think more effectively while working out, practicing, and on the course. Allow you to achieve the performance and outcomes you want.


Our goal is to be able to optimize movement patterns of the body to be able to move as efficiently through the golf swing as we can. With a focus on mobility and flexibility, core engagement, and general strength, we can transition this over to the golf swing.


Your body is a powerful machine, and without the proper fuel, it cannot run efficiently. Reach new levels of peak performance by learning how to fuel up both on and off the course.






John is a 20 year member of the PGA of America. He has instructed thousands of students of all levels and abilities, ranging from beginner to scratch golfer.

“I love teaching golf. It’s the most satisfying feeling as a teacher knowing that my student learned a new skill that they now have for life, and they learned it from me.”




Chris Williamson, PhD - Sports Psychology Consultant.  Chris enjoys deconstructing performance into simple, tangible actions to not only help golfers see greater success but also know how to replicate their success.




TPI Certified. Exercise Science Degree.

"I enjoy being able to maximize the way that someone moves in order to see how it translates directly to your golf game and swing. Starting from the foundation and building out."




Rhianna Romanowski, RDN, LDN. Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Food Science from Drexel University. Registered Dietitian since 2014 with experience as a retail dietitian with ShopRite, and with multiple hospital networks spanning all age groups and conditions. Rhianna is a firm believer in “any food in moderation” and that small lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in optimizing performance and improving your overall health.



I am a true beginner, this seems too much for me, do I really need to work on everything?

This program is built out for all levels of golfers focusing on the foundations and building out from there. Our team approach focuses on the simplistic execution of the immediate focus, built out to allow for you to grow in all aspects of golf. One of the main benefits of our programs is that we welcome all students to enjoy each of our programs at their own pace.

Will there be additional courses?

Yes! We will be continually working on putting out additional courses to expand your
ability to take your game to the next level.

Where do I start?

All members begin our program with a self-assessment screening. This screening allows us not only learn more about you and where your game is currently at, but how we can best move you forward throughout our program.

What devices can I use my membership on?

Our membership site is built out to work on desktop, tablet, and your cellular device.


Kimberly H.

"The combination of weight loss, golf instruction, flexibility, and confidence have taken my game to the next level. I am hitting the ball further and my short game improved tremendously. I am confident in my golf game."

Michelle R.

"Level up is one of the most competent and creative sport and exercise psychology programs. They totally understand the mind/body connection. Whether you are beginner or expert they can help improve your game."

Portrait of confident man carrying golf club bag against clear sky

Josh A.

"Through my work with Chris I was exposed to a variety of mental techniques that I was able to implement into practice and competition. No question, developing my mental game allowed me to optimize my performance and achieve my collegiate goals."

Young Golfers

Adam B.

"Went to see the group at Level Up Golf Performance .. really skeptical person.. they have honestly helped me out so much with my golf game.. flexibility and power are now out the roof. I easily picked up 20+ yards.. I cannot thank Kyle and his crew enough! 100% best program in the valley"


Peter K.

"I’m a 67 year old with about a 10 handicap.  After being idle most of the winter up to that point I was not feeling very flexible.  By the time we were into the third or fourth week, I could feel an amazing difference in my body.  Although I wasn’t golfing yet, I felt so much better just doing everyday tasks that involved bending and stretching. I’ve been out on the links three times so far, and thanks to the simple stretching video that Level Up Golf Performance supplied as part of the program I feel so much looser.  Especially on those first couple of tee boxes.  I know I am taking my backswing back forth and following through further.  This is translating to not only more distance but less slice since I am not cutting across the ball.  I highly recommend this program for anybody but especially for seniors."